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the microdelivery overnight anti-aging peel
  • what makes this peel different?
    • our first at-home 2-step, no-rinse, anti-aging peel combines the benefit of immediate exfoliation with the restorative benefits of an overnight sleep mask.

      first, our alpha/beta hydroxy acid leave-on peel solution delivers exceptional resurfacing benefits gently throughout the night. then our youth-extending night gel elevates the peel to a revolutionary level by enhancing the ability of new skin cells to resist visible signs of aging.

      100% of women tested found it gentle on skin. dermatologist tested.

      includes 24 cotton pads.

  • how to use
    • step 1: saturate one of the enclosed pads with the solution and wipe over cleansed skin. do not rinse. Wait 2 to 3 minutes.

      step 2: gently massage soothing gel into skin and leave on overnight.

      Follow with your preferred night moisturizer (we recommend miracle worker overnight moisturizer) for extra hydration.

      Use 2-3 times per week overnight